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About Aaron Adams

Aaron Adams

Aaron Adams started out living the typical American Dream of working as a high school teacher with a mortgage, a car payment, and credit card debt, while completing his MBA at California Polytechnic Institute in Pomona, California. Then Aaron discovered the world of real estate. Aaron was able to quit his job teaching and become a full-time investor in three short years.

His range of experience includes: single family homes, multi-family apartment complexes, foreclosure auction acquisition, bulk REO property acquisition, mobile home parks, hard money lending, property management, and more!

International investors will be interested to know that Aaron has worked with Canadian and other international investors for almost a decade. Aaron also employs CPAs and attorneys with international investing experience who can help you tap into U.S.-based funding sources.

Aaron's current investment portfolio stretches nationwide. With various partners he has purchased, rehabbed and rented over 2,000 properties in Indy alone.

This former high school teacher is a dynamic, entertaining and energetic speaker with a passion for real estate, but an even greater desire to engage and motivate everyone he comes in contact with. Aaron will be the featured speaker for this event and will accompany students on the bus tour.


Am I required to purchase a property if attending the training?
No, there is no pressure to buy a property.

Does the money to purchase a property have to be paid during the bus tour?
No, there is no money required to hold a property at the training.

Can I attend the training more than once?
Yes, you may attend the training more than one time as a refresher - still at no charge.

Can I bring a guest if I have a Single Package?
Yes, you can bring a guest with a Single Package.

What if I want to bring a second guest?
There is no charge to bring an additional guest.

Can I purchase a property at a later date after the training ends?
Yes, just contact Alpine Capital Solutions, LLC and you can purchase a property at any time.

Have additional questions regarding this training?
Please contact Legacy representative Lauren Santy at laurensanty@legacyea.com.

Make Your Move

Join Aaron Adams at one of the Monthly Cash Flow Field Trainings to find out how to create a stream of passive income through real estate investing. Aaron and the team will reveal all of the tricks of the trade and TAKE you to the deals that THEY BUY.

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